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Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

The winery of the intimate and atmospheric cellar can be heated and it is an ideal and authentic venue for wine dinners and wine tastings as complementary moments of events.

Capacity: 24 guests

The wide corridor of the cellar can be furnished with bar tables thus it is perfect to serve as a complementary venue for receptions and events.

Capacity: 30 guests


The spectacular cellar serves as a venue for wine tastings. The wines served at Prónay Castle originate from the northern shores of the Balaton Lake, from the Badacsony Wine Region.

The vineyard situated on the Örsi Mountain is now for 40 years the property of the castle owner’s family. On the basaltic soils of the almost four-acre Csendes Dűlő Vineyard grows the luscious Olaszrizling, the honey-scented Hárslevelű and the fiery Szürkebarát, and above these, the „noble wine or nectar of the noblemen”, the rare Kéknyelű, which is the most ancient wine of our country, found exclusively in this wine region. 

Maximum capacity of wine tastings: 30 guests

Floor area of the cellar: 200 m2

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